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The UASC meets the last Wednesday of each month at the Chicago Maritime Museum located at 1200 West 35th Street, Suite OE5010, Chicago, IL 60609. Free event, ALL ARE WELCOME. Refreshments 6:30, Business 7:00, Speaker 8:00.


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Underwater Archaeological Society of Chicago

Meeting Minutes 17 November 2010


  • Approximately 25 members and guests met at 6:30 on the 8th floor of the Helix Building, 310 S. Racine at Jackson.
    • Guests: Jacqui Rae, Jake Dury.
  • Tonights meeting was run by Joan Forsberg, with refreshments provided by Todd Hitzeman ( and others. )

Board and Committee Reports

  • Secretary - John Bell provided copies of the minutes from the last meeting, which were approved.
  • Membership – Rosters were provided by Scott Reimer. Current rosters only include members whose dues are current for 2010.
  • Treasury –  Bob Gadbois reported on the state of UASC finances.
    • Some dues have come in for 2011. Note that membership renewals are due by January 1st.
    • Contact Bob for further details
  • ICSSD – Claire Gadbois reported on the Illinois Council of Skin and Scuba Divers:
    • February 10 - Club Appreciation Night - Theme Lionfish roundup, some free pizza and soda
    • March 13 - UW Competition Elk Grove
    • July 31 - Jim Haigh Memorial Dive
    • September TBA - Cleanup Dive
    • October 2 - Pumpkin Carvind Dive
    • October 16 - President's night next year probably at Sawa's
  • Newsletter – Cris Kohl is out of town
    • Cris getting caught up, and plans to produce several long newsletters before the end of the year.
    • Cris thanks all who contribute to the newsletter, past and future.
  • Survey Coordinator - John Gerty
    • Progress continues on compositing photos.
  • Dive Coordinators - Michael Angelo Gagliardi.
    • Nothing planned at this time.
    • Haigh Quarry & Mermet Springs may be good training dives.
    • Charters are posted on the UASC Google calendar.
    • A friend of Mike is offering a Cave and Cavern course in Florida in February. See the e-mail from Mike for full details.
  • DiveHeart Liason - Diane Gulzinski
    • Luau November 13th. - UASC had a lot of fun.
    • Check the DiveHeart web site for info on upcoming events.
  • Other

Old Business

  • Year in Review:
    • New UASC polo shirts.
    • OWU, Chicago Maritime Festival, Ghost Ships - Booth, speakers, and A/V at all three shows.
    • ICSSD UW Competition - First Place!
    • Thirteen people took the NAS I course in May at UIC.
    • The Buccaneer became Chicago's newest shipwreck in June.
    • Progress has been made on several survey projects, e.g. Car Ferry #2, Flora Hill, 12th street beach wreck
    • Delphine's new book, "ETA - Estimated Time of Arrest".
    • Second Annual Door County Trip.
    • Floatilla trip to the dive the Buc.
    • President's Night - UASC was awarded Club of the Year, and Bob Rushman won Diver of the Year.
    • Jim did 18th and 19th presentation of the year, with over 100 people at each.
    • Joan Forsberg was inducted into the Woman Diver's Hall of Fame.
    • The Wetsuits appeared for the first time at OWU.
  • Special Thanks to:
    • Dan Kasberger, Refreshments Coordinator
    • Gene Hasiak and Diane Gulczinski, DiveHeart Liaisons.
    • Michael Angelo Gagliardi and Ruth Magnus, Dive Coordinators.
    • Cris Kohl - Newsletters.
    • Claire Gadbois - ICSSD Representative.
    • Bob Gadbois - Treasurer and A/V God.
    • John Bell - Secretary
    • Jim Jarecki - Past President, President Emeritus, Solver of Gnarly Problems.
    • Dean Nolan - Vice President Extraordinaire.
    • Scott Reimer - Membership Lists.

New Busines

  • LOUP / UASC Holiday Party Dec 10th at Sawa's Old Warsaw - RESERVATIONS DUE BY DECEMBER 4TH.
  • Elections - Jim Jarecki
    • Past President - Joan Forsberg
    • President - Don Doherty
    • Vice President - Hank Fiene
    • Treasurer - Bob Gadbois
    • Secretary - John Bell
    • President-Elect - Dean Nolan ( To become President in 2012. )
  • OTHER: Miscellaneous new business items should be brought up – briefly – now.
    • Renewal notices will be arriving by mail soon - please respond promptly.l
    • Speakers always needed.
  • THANKS to Todd Hitzeman and others for providing tonight's refreshments.
  • Sign up for meeting refreshments - Dan Kasberger Refreshments coordinator.
    • Gadbois - January


NEXT MEETING: Wednesday January 26, 2010

Refreshments to be provided by Bob and Claire Gadbois

Shipwreck Survey Projects

  • Buccaneer - SUNK! JUNE 18, 2010 - Clean-up Leader: Bob Rushman.
    • UASC has since done a group dive on her.
  • Material Service - Sank on July 29, 1936 in 38’ - Project Leader: Jim J./John L./Tony K./Cris K.
    • Contact Cris or Joan if you have any relevant materials - Report to be generated soon.
  • Barge No. 2 - Sank on Sept. 29, 1906 in 40’ - Project Leader: John Loftus
    • Project may be nearing completion.
  • The Rotarian - Scuttled on September 28, 1931 in 80' - Project Leader: Tony Kiefer
  • The Straits of Mackinac - Scuttled on April 10, 2003 in 78’ - Project Leader:Needed

Guest Speaker -- Ruth Flesvig Gibson – “The Christmas Tree Ship”

A native Chicagoan, Ruth is the author of a popular children’s book, “The Christmas Tree Ship.” Ruth’s mother, as a young child with her family, had been among those at the Clark Street dock awaiting the Rouse Simmons due to arrive with Christmas trees in Nov., 1912. The ship never arrived, having sunk in a storm off Two Rivers, WI.

Other Business

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:00, after which a number of members retired to Ricobene's for further discussions and socializing.
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