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The UASC meets the last Wednesday of each month at the Chicago Maritime Museum located at 1200 West 35th Street, Suite OE5010, Chicago, IL 60609. Free event, ALL ARE WELCOME. Refreshments 6:30, Business 7:00, Speaker 8:00.


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Underwater Archaeological Society of Chicago

Meeting Minutes 22 February 2010


  • Approximately 40 members and guests met at 6:30 on the 8th floor of the Helix Building, 310 S. Racine at Jackson.
    • New members and guests: Jim, Steve Arnam, Sirantis, Adrienne, and Mike Malone.
  • Tonight's meeting was run by Joan Forsberg, with food provided by Pot Luck.

Board and Committee Reports

  • Secretary - John Bell provided copies of the minutes from the last meeting, which were approved.
  • Membership – No new rosters at tonight's meeting.
  • Treasury – Bob Gadbois could not be present for tonight's meeting.
  • ICSSD Chuck Miller reported on the Illinois Council of Skin and Scuba Divers:
    • The Underwater Competition has been moved to April 11 due to pool repairs.
      • There may be anew event, TBD.
    • ICSSD will be holding a showing of the movie "The Cove" about mistreatment of dolphins in Japan, at Helix probably the middle of March..
    • July 25 - Jim Haigh Memorial
    • Sept 18 - International Beach Clean U
    • Oct 3 - Pumpkin Carving
    • Oct 16 - President's Night Banquet and Raffle
    • Nov 9 - Board Budget Meeting
  • Joan - Congratulations to Chuck and Margo for winning the Inaugural "Middle Coast Award" at this year's OWU !
  • Newsletter – Cris Kohl
    • The schedule will be adjusted due to time conflicts.
      • One 1-page newsletter per month, w/o advertising, sent electronically.
      • NEED contributions from others - Cris can't do it all.
    • July/August and September/October newsletters sent electronically IN COLOR to all members.
      • Also posted on the web site.
      • Hard copies still available upon request.
    • Cris thanks all who contribute to the newsletter, past and future.
  • Survey Coordinator - John Gerty
    • Progress is being made on the 12th street beach wreck.
    • Working on new techniques with digital protractors and IR distance measurement.
    • Need list of wrecks to scan with sector scan unit. – Car Ferry, Material Service, Rotarian, Mystery Wreck.
    • Doug Gossage thinks he has found the Desmond.
  • Dive Coordinators - Michael Angelo Gagliardi and Ruth Magnus
    • Michael e-mails his reports to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , as he cannot make meetings.
    • Ruth discussed possible places to go dive:
      • Easl side of Lake MI
      • Door County - Aug 7 to 14
      • Go watch the Tall Ships
      • Environmental Dives
        • Sept 18th is National Beach Cleanup Day
        • Steve Arnam cleans Montrose Beach every year, as a non-diving event.
        • U/W Forest - Survey to see what has changed since the last visit.
  • DiveHeart Liason - Gene Hasiak
    • Volunteer Appreciation Party Feb 28th after the Maritime Fest, in Downer's Grove.
    • Ghost Ships - 3 hour pool time for disabled to discover scuba.
  • Other:

Old Business

  • Thanks to Dean Nolan, John Bell, Scott Reimer, Bill Messner, Mark Niewoehner, Dan Kasberger, Todd Hitzeman, Eileen Gustafson, Tony Kiefer, Bob Rushman, Chet Childs, Delphine Pontvieux, Mike Brutlag, Ruth Magnus, Don Doherty, John Gerty, Beth Plotner, Jeff Rouse, and everyone else who helped set up, man, and/or take down the booth at OWU.
    • Record attendance numbers at show, film festivals, shipwreck room.
    • We sold 16 new individual + 2 family memberships, plus renewals plus 11 non-member DVDs.
    • Explore Chicago Shipwrecks presentation had over 120 in attendance.
    • $1400 plus collected.
    • Jim Jarecki showed up with name badges, and shirts - Thank You Jim.
    • Thanks to Chet for organizing with Jim to deliver the shirts. 
      • Some UASC shirts available, for members only.
  • The Wetsuits played to a standing ovation at OWU.
    • Cris Kohl, Michel Gilbert, Paul Cater Deaton, Jonathan Bird, Michael Lawrence, and Wes Skiles
    • The Wetettes sang backup: Joan Forsberg, Nancy McGee, Annie Crawley, Pat Stayer, Lynn Funkhouser, and others.

New Business

  • Upcoming shows – Chicago Maritime Festival (Feb. 27), Ghost Ships (Mar. 5-6)  --  staffing the booth and premiums
    • Dean Nolan is in charge of getting people to staff the booths.
    • PLEASE sign up for a 2-hour shift in the booth.
    • Shipwreck Exploration again at Chicago Maritime Festival - Contact Ruth Loftus to help.
  • Beneath The Sea March 26-28 - Joan Forsberg to be inducted into the Women Divers Hall of Fame, WDHOF
  • Social Coordinator - We need someone to coordinate and plan social gatherings, other than diving.
    • Steve Arnam volunteered, if he has help.
  • Speakers needed. 
    • Diane G. – knows someone in the fire department who are sinking ??? in one of the lakes.
    • Gene knows somebody who is involved in the fire department too.
  • Dive planning for this year - Ruth Magnus
    • Wreck Dives
    • Educational Dives
    • Training
    • Environmental
    • Let Ruth or Michael Angelo know if you have any great ideas.
  • “Explore Chicago Shipwrecks” DVD and now presentation length
    • 30 Minute version to be presented at OWU, Maritime Festival, & Beneath the Sea
  • Sign up for meeting refreshments - Dan Kasberger Refreshments coordinator.
    • Pot Luck - February
    • Mike Brutlag - March
    • Ruth Magnus - April
    • Joan Forsberg - October
    • Todd Hitzeman - November
  • Buccaneer update - Bob Rushman absent tonight.
    • Buc is still floating on river.
    • Waiting to hear from the EPA.
    • They said they like our list of what we did to cleanup, and promised to send a letter.  We are waiting for that letter to arrive.
    • The Corps of Engineer have signed off on permit to sink.  When letter is in hand, it is going down right away.
    • Boat owners can get passes to enter close area in exchange for taking on VIPs.
    • Skid load of bagged concrete donated.  Manually mixed and loaded.  80 pound bags.
    • Would be only shipwreck in Chicago area that saw action in WWII.
  • Survey Projects 2010 – Buccaneer, Material Service, and Rotarian
  • OTHER: Miscellaneous new business items should be brought up – briefly – now.
    • Cris took a month to put 40th Anniversary Book together.  Extra copies available on the OWU website.
    • Steve Arnam knew Tim Early, who started the Adopt a Beach project.  Steve writes grants to Tim Early foundation to support  his work teaching kids to dive.
    • Hank – Proposal for a new project.  Fireboat Sweeney – Can we find where it was scuttled?  Someone needs to do the research to find out when and where it was scuttled.
  • THANKS to everyone for tonight’s Pot Luck refreshments!

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday March 31, 2010 - Paul Cater Deaton, world-renowned underwater photographer.

Refreshments to be provided by Mike Brutlag

Shipwreck Survey Projects

  • Buccaneer - To be scuttled in 2010 in ??’ - Clean-up Leader: Bob Rushman.
    • Claire Yashar has completed her drawings.
  • Material Service - Sank on July 29, 1936 in 38’ - Project Leader: Jim J./John L./Tony K./Cris K.
    • Contact Cris or Joan if you have any relevant materials - Report to be generated soon.
  • Barge No. 2 - Sank on Sept. 29, 1906 in 40’ - Project Leader: John Loftus
    • Project may be nearing completion.
  • The Rotarian - Scuttled on September 28, 1931 in 80' - Project Leader: Tony Kiefer
  • The Straits of Mackinac - Scuttled on April 10, 2003 in 78’ - Project Leader:Needed

Guest Speaker -- David Trotter.

David gave an excellent presentation on the Frank Goodyear

Other Business

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:00, after which a number of members retired to Ricobene's for further discussions and socializing.
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