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The UASC meets the last Wednesday of each month at the Chicago Maritime Museum located at 1200 West 35th Street, Suite OE5010, Chicago, IL 60609. Free event, ALL ARE WELCOME. Refreshments 6:30, Business 7:00, Speaker 8:00.


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Underwater Archaeological Society of Chicago

Meeting Minutes 29 April 2009


  •  Approximately 30 members met at 6:30 on the 8th floor of the Helix Building, 310 S. Racine at Jackson.
  • Tonight's meeting was run by Joan Forsberg, with food provided by Ruth Magnus and Mike Brutlag

Board and Committee Reports

  • Secretary - John Bell provided copies of the minutes from the last meeting, which were approved.
  • Membership – Scott Reimer was unable to attend tonight's meeting.
  • Treasury –  Bob Gadbois reported on the state of UASC finances.
    • Dues are past due ! Please get checks and ( updated ) info to Bob.
    • Funds to be transferred from checking to CD
    • Contact Bob for further information.
    • P.O. Box was out of order, but is now reinstated.
  • ICSSD Claire Gadbois reported on the Illinois Council of Skin and Scuba Divers:
    • Kevin Vaugn coordinating an underwater puzzle competition as a fundraiser for diabeters.
    • March 29 - Underwater Competition
      • UASC ( Mike Brutlag, Ruth Magnus, Scott Reimer and John Bell ) took 2nd place, with cheerleading support by Todd Hitzeman
    • July 26 - Jim Haigh Memorial Dive at Haigh Quarry
    • Sept 19 - International Beach Clean Up
    • Oct 4 - Underwater Pumpkin Carving Dive at Haigh Quarry
    • Oct 10 - President's Night Banquet and Raffle
      • Burnham Yacht Club, same venue as the Xmas party.
    • Nov 3 - ICSSD Budget Meeting
    • UW Christmas Tree Decorating?
    • July 20-26 a charity dive will be held to break the world record for the longest dive.
    • DiveHeart support
      • April 7 training for "Get a Vet Wet", 7 to 8 P.M. at Diveheart Headquarters.
      • Jim Elliot next month's speaker
      • Raffle tickets available for sale - See Margo Miller
  • Newsletter – Cris Kohl - New newsletter will be available for the next meeting. March/April letter under development and should be out this week.
  • Other:
    • Certificates of appreciation awarded to Cris Kohl & Bob Mueller

Old Business

  • Mysteries and Histories Beneath the Inland Seas
    • 7-9:30 PM, Sat., April 25, 2009
    • Knickerbocker Theater, Holland, MI. $12.50 advance, $15.00 at the door.
    • Crowded attendance and an excellent show.
    • Valerie discovered the Joseph P. Farnum
  • CPR course completed. Thanks to Chet Childs for organizing.

New Business

  • New Dive Coordinator - Michael Angelo Gagliardi
    • Report on April 27th dive was sent to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
    • Hank Fiene to assist coordination, of research & survey dives.
  • Buccaneer - Bob Rushman
    • First workday last Saturday with 4 workers.
    • Re-cleaning engine room oil after sinking.
    • Work boat is back in the water, i.e. electricity
    • Next workday scheduled for next Saturday.
  • Chicago Maritime Society -- Call 312-665-7334 (Trigg Waller) for free membership
  • UASC shirts -- Jim Jarecki is still working on it.
  • UASC’s new Chicago shipwrecks DVD
    • $15 for the public, $12 for members
    • Discount available to dive shops ( or anyone else ) who buy in bulk.
  • Tentative Club Dives:
    • George Morley shore dive & picnic -- Dean Nolan & Cheryl Wickstrom coordinators.
      • June 14th / 28th as new proposed dates.
        • May choose a Saturday, e.g. 20th because the museum will be open. ( see below. )
        • John Bell to buoy the wreck beforehand.
      • $8 / person beach access fee.
      • UASC will be underwriting some of the cost.
      • Picnic cost will be free for members, $5 for non-members. ( not including beach access. )
      • Dawes Mansion / Evanston Historical Society across the street.
        • Very interesting place to visit, but only open Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.
        • George Morley anchor on the front lawn.
        • Other very interesting artifacts and research opportunities.
        • Closed until May, free until June, then paid admission.
    • Washington Island (Door Co.) -- Labor Day weekend -- Ruth Magnus, coordinator
      • 10 Acres chez Magnus
      • 14 divers showed hands of interest
      • No air on the island, but tanks available in Chicago.
    • Bonne Terre is not going to work out this Spring.
    • Dives to the Chicago wrecks of the Iowa and the Flora M. Hill (and others?)
    • Boat Owners - e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you want help with your boat maintenance.
    • UASC treasury will help subsidize survey dives. ( Local dives including charters, but not for fun dives. )
  • Project AWARE Day -- Beach Clean-up, September 19, 2009
    • Ruth Magnus coordinating efforts with UPS who will be supporting this activity.
  • Upcoming Shows
  • SURVEY PROJECTS 2009: Surveys/Drawings to be completed; detailed reports to be written:
    • Executive Decision: The Material Service report WILL be published this year. Cris Kohl volunteered to help the project.
    • See Below
  • UASC 20th Anniversary Celebrations
    • George Morley Picnic and Dive
    • If we get the Buc sunk this year, Hank Fiene will throw the party.
    • Still looking for other good ideas.
  • OTHER:
    • Bill Messner presented his new invention the Pony Pak.
      • Front mounts a pony bottle where it is easier to access and easy to pass off to other divers.
    • Liz Jurkacek and Taras Lyssenko are looking for assistance with the Thomas Hume.
      • Photographers and videographers who can dive over 150 feet are particularly needed.
      • Individuals who choose to help do so on their own - This is NOT a UASC official project.
  • THANKS to Dan Kasberger (Refreshments Coordinator) and Ruth Magnus and Mike Brutlag for tonight’s refreshments
  • NEXT UASC MEETING: 6:30 PM, Wednesday, May 27, 2009.
    • Speaker will be Jim Elliot of DiveHeart
    • Refreshment coordinator for 2009 is Dan Kasberger.
    • John Gerty and John Bell to provide refreshments

Shipwreck Survey Projects

  • Buccaneer - To be scuttled in 2009 in ??’ - Project Leader: Bob Rushman.
  • Material Service - Sank on July 29, 1936 in 38’ - Project Leader: Jim J./John L./Tony K./Cris K.
    • Photographers recently dove on the Material Service and collected info to complete the project.
  • Barge No. 2 - Sank on Sept. 29, 1906 in 40’ - Project Leader: John Loftus
    • Project may be nearing completion.
  • The Straits of Mackinac - Scuttled on April 10, 2003 in 78’ - Project Leader:Needed

Guest Speaker

  • Don Doherty has been a member of UASC since 1990, and is a Past President. In his outside life, he does editorial publishing work for trade industry groups in construction and health care. This highly acclaimed presentation, originally put together by UASC Past President Tony Kiefer, was presented by Don on Feb. 15, 2009, for the Ridge Historical Society to commemorate the centennial of Lake Michigan’s tragic tool crib fire.

Other Business

  •  The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:00, after which a number of members retired to Ricobene's for further discussions and socializing.
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